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Skin Care Clinic – Pgmentation Treatments

Main causes of pigmentation are: · Long or frequent exposure to sun · Ageing · Hormonal changes that cause melanin production increase · Genetic conditions · Medications like anti-depressants or birth control pills. Multiple factors including age, climate change, hormonal factors etc damage the skin and makes it look older owing to a patchy pigmentation. […]

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Best Skincare Doctors in Delhi

Skin affects the overall health of a person as it is the largest organ of the human body. Taking care of one’s skin is of utmost important as it is the first layer that fights the body’s diseases and infections. Here is a list some of the most sought after skin doctors in the capital […]

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Why Should You Use Vitamin C on Your Face?

Why Should You Use Vitamin C On Your face? Among all the vitamins, the one named “C” offers up the greatest benefits to the body and arguably takes the crown up. The nutrient can also help to transform the appearance of your skin and not just your inside of the body that is ‘Best Friends […]

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